Some Bright Morning, 2012



You could call our most recent album – or much of it, anyway – an agnostic gospel revival. Some kind of bash where you find yourself dancing, singing, and looking at total strangers with recognition. We had a lot of fun with this, and it shows.

Our second recording with Chris Rival, Some Bright Morning is as close to a live show, energetically, as anything we’ve done. Recorded almost completely live, it’s a mix of traditional songs, originals and covers, and it’s full of melody, groove and space.

Click on the track listings below to see liner notes and lyrics. Or download them here.

Promoters and DJs might be interested in the Some Bright Morning Press Kit…

  1. Hear Jerusalem Moan
  2. Bridges
  3. I’ll Fly Away
  4. Miami Moon
  5. Reason To Believe
  6. Will Your House Be Blessed?
  7. Johnny Brown
  8. Fall River
  9. Crossing The Bar
  10. East Virginia (The East Virginia Blues)
  11. Fire In The Sky
  12. Travelin’ Shoes