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Gambling Eden

Released in 2003


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Packed with wicked grooves, Gambling Eden has the most muscle of any CD we’ve made. Old-time/Cajun music maven Dirk Powell produced and upped our funk factor with accordion, banjo and tack piano.

We recorded Gambling Eden at The Clubhouse in upstate New York, while feet and feet of snow fell all week long. Alternatingly dark and light, it comprises half traditional and half original songs, with a sprinkling of covers from Dave Carter (“Saint Dolores”), Chris Moore (“Closer”) and Fiddlin’ John Carson (“Farmer is the Man”).

  1. Stewball
  2. Finland
  3. Turtle Dove
  4. Closer
  5. O Death
  6. Big Black Bird
  7. Sparrow
  8. Eve
  9. The Farmer is the Man
  10. Red Rocking Chair
  11. Road to Heaven
  12. Farewell to St. Dolores