Rani Arbo &
daisy mayhem

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Cocktail Swing

Released in 2001



Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem launched with this CD: a musical oath to only ever, ever, ever have fun. It’s vintage, uke-fueled swing and blues all the way through, from Louis Jordan to George Jones.

Recorded at Signature Sounds Studios in MA, Cocktail Swing Features David Hamburger and Dave Dick on pickin’, Matt Weiner on bass, and Scott on Drumship. Andrew sings and plays uke, Rani croons and fiddles, and Anand turns in a cameo on harmony, having joined the band just months before this release.

  1. Limo to Memphis
  2. Snowbird
  3. I Do My Crying at Night
  4. Cocktail Swing
  5. That's All
  6. Every Little Moment
  7. Once More
  8. Comes Love
  9. Butter & Egg Man
  10. Let's Pretend There's A Moon
  11. I Get The Blues When It Rains
  12. Singing in the Bathtub