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daisy mayhem

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Scott Kessel (percussion) began drumming in preschool and grew up to study with jazz legend Ed Blackwell, to immerse himself in West African drumming and to tour with groups playing everything from reggae to honkytonk to zydeco to original rock. For the last decade, he has been piloting daisy mayhem’s “Drumship Enterprise” – a recycled drum kit comprised of cardboard and wooden boxes, cat food tins, a Danish butter cookie tin and a vinyl suitcase. Kessel mixes up American rock and pop beats with African, Afro-Cuban, New Orleans and South American rhythms to create the foundation of daisy mayhem’s unmistakable groove. When not on tour, he works as an exhibit designer and muralist for Kidcity Children’s Museum in Middletown, CT, where he lives with Arbo and their son, Quinn.