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daisy mayhem

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Anand Nayak (guitar) picked up the guitar at age fifteen, after years of piano lessons and choir singing. He discovered his mother’s classical guitar collecting dust under a table and realized he had to figure it out. Before too long he had McCartney’s Blackbird down, but it wasn’t until some friends of his started a rock band that things really started moving. He got a beat up Squire electric guitar and a Peavey Bandit amp and was soon a lost cause, playing all day, trying to learn Jimmy Page and Hendrix riffs by ear, falling in love with the infinite tonal possibilities, often falling asleep on his guitar. After 25 years of performing and learning how to make records, Nayak is now an player with a style that encompasses a century’s worth of folk, blues, jazz and rock. He is a multi-instrumentalist with a yen for anything with strings, most recently falling for the lap steel. First and foremost he is a harmonist with a knack for blending his voice and instrument into the music. Nayak is a Grammy-nominated producer, performer and writer, with numerous other awards in family music. Alongside his work with daisy mayhem and other artists, Nayak also writes, records and performs with his wife, Polly Fiveash. They live in Florence, MA with their two young sons.