Rani Arbo &
daisy mayhem

Our New Album is Done!

0544_3A_7741…and we couldn’t be more excited about this batch of songs. We’ve gone places with this one. Widened the palette, gone deeper into collaborations with old friends and new, and had a blast. We can’t wait to share it with you all! Stay tuned…it will out on Signature Sounds 3/31, and available a little earlier to our mailing list. Lots of just-booked CD release shows now posted on our calendar. Stay tuned…

Updated Jukebox/Rant

We’ve (finally) put up various tunes from our catalog for your listening enjoyment. In a not entirely unrelated realm, here is some very well-written analysis of the current state of the recorded music industry. We’re lucky to have fans who still want to buy our cds, but we can all see what’s happening out there.


Very excited to be a part of this line up. If you’re in the Tampa area this weekend, come on out to the ranch and join us!


On Recording – Pt. 1

Making an “album” is still what many people think of as the object of recording. It seems simple enough. You are a great musician. You have songs, and you have a microphone/recording device, which these days could be someone’s phone. You perform your songs into the device, upload and thanks for the Grammy. Right? Not so simple. (more…)


Welcome to our new site! We’re glad you’re here. Take a look around at the new digs. At first things might seem a little spare, we’ve just moved in after all, but we still have a morsel or two to share. Check out Anand’s first-ever blog, take a look at the pretty pictures, listen to the music, in short, enjoy yourself! And please let us know if there’s anything we could be doing better. (more…)